I specialize in producing electronic music from the ideas you come up with. I offer my experience to take these ideas and form a piece of professional sounding music out of them. I love producing both dancefloor and radio-oriented tracks and songs.

The process

You're getting a week of one-on-one of full-on creative time with a professional producer.
Once We've booked, you get to direct the whole creative process on a day-to-day basis.
Every day you receive a demo of the progress made. The result is more natural, personal and honest. And above that, it's made quickly and efficiently. After the creative side of the things are done, We move to the revision stage to iron out all the possible inadequacies that arise after We gain perspective on the song.
Once We've finished, you get the mixed and mastered source file ready to share with the world.


Below you'll find a selection of tracks, demonstrating the production quality.


Send an email to producer@89keys.pl describing your desired sound with reference tracks. You will receive a proposal along with all the necessary details about how I'm going to help you reach your desired goal.